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South Extension Escorts are well known for high quality in market now a day. Stigma, broadly, can be described as a social norm of shame and imposes society-based judgments of moral worth and value 124 Stigma connotes a form of social unacceptability for which the bearer is not personally responsible, indicating a flaw in her very constitution or make-up” 125 While scholars differentiate between stigma and notions of deviance, in the day-to-day life of sex workers in Kolkata, these notions are intrinsically linked 126. In India, processes of urbanization, migration and every aspect of development from manufacturing and the IT sector have all disproportionately promoted men over women, leading to an increasing feminization of poverty and rural life 110 In addition to the environment of South Extension Escorts Girls inequality, these trends may in fact be fuelling the demand for sex work since females of marriageable age are in limited supply in urbanized areas.

In the Down’s Study, as reported earlier, the rate of domestic violence reported by sex workers in Kolkata prior and during their time in the industry was high 103 Across India, 5 women experience severe cruelty” every hour 104 While overall crime rates in India are declining, violence against women (including rape, molestation, domestic abuse and homicide) are rising 105 In West Bengal, deaths by husband or kin are reported at a rate of 49 deaths per million population (compared to the national average of 45 deaths per million population) 106. This study found that educational investment in boy children leads to larger economic benefits in the long run than investment in girls 101 Despite South Extension Escorts Girls the reduced benefits of education for women in economic terms, the social benefits of women’s education include greater social equality, lower birth rates, greater nutrition and higher quality of life 102. Since women are expected to remain within the domestic sphere (of marriage and family life), the status of women working in the formal and informal economic status is not quite legitimate 86 Women are expected to fulfill the domestic responsibilities of serving their husbands, caring for their in-laws and raising children.

Lakshmi Srinivas, in her article on the lure of the city in Bollywood cinema, suggests that popular Indian cinema is a collective fantasy” containing the unconscious material and hidden wishes of a vast number of people 66 All these popular media sources show frequent narratives of poor women and men arriving in the city and being successful – finding wealth, love, nice clothes and security 67. In the Downs Study reported in this paper, the majority of women interviewed reported moving from one brothel and/or red light district to another during the course of their time in sex work 45 The motivations for moving locations of work were varied, and included familial pressures such as education for children, as well as financial pressures and interpersonal conflict and relationships. As early as the 4th century South Extension Escorts Girls B.C., Kautilya, the chief advisor of the Maurya emperor Chandragupta, provided rules and practical customs for prostitutes and their clients in the treatise on governance, the Arthashastra 16 At the time, sex workers were required to pay a tax (approximately 2 days wages), and this was an important source of revenue for the state 17 At this time, prostitution was considered a trade, with sex workers skilled in singing and dancing, and not as a stigmatized institution.

The scale of sex work in India in the last four decades has undergone dramatic changes and expansions 2 As reported by the International Labor Organization, sex work in India has been enlarged to the point where we can justifiably speak of a commercial sex sector that is integrated into the economic, social and political life” of the country 3 While reliable estimates of the economic value of the industry are difficult to ascertain, the business has assumed the dimensions of an industry, and has directly and indirectly contributed in no small measure to employment, national income, and economic growth” 4 Even South Extension Escorts Girls using the conservative estimate of 2.8 million sex workers, sex work is the occupation of slightly less than 1% of reproductive-aged women 5 The industry occurs in all corners of the country, and includes a vast array of individuals – women, children and men of all ethnic groups, sexual orientations and castes 6. Choosing the escorts in South Extension can sometimes be difficult for our clients. Define your taste of exotic love session with South Extension escorts.

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